Hairy Beachball

The best of the worst in the world

Hairy Beachball

White Collar

Most of the time, evil wears a suit

Allen Stanford

2nd-largest Ponzi Schemer

Bernie Madoff

Largest Ponzi Schemer

Worldcom Corp

Criminals, Crimes, and Scams

Raffaello Follieri

Real Estate Ponzi


Best slime company EVER!

Martin Frankel

Insurance company thief

Dennis Kozlowski

The former CEO of Tyco International

Jack Abramoff

One of the biggest political scandals

John Rigas

Looted Adelphia Communications Corp

Health South

Slimey Richard Scrushy

Freddie Mack

Federaly backed mortgage cluster
Hairy Beachball


Most of the time, evil wears a suit

Bill Cosby

Exposed and exposed

Donald Trump

45 Something or other



Kanye West

Just being Kanye West

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar

Hypocrite scum... god love em

Arsenio Hall

Cant wait to expound

Duck Dynasty Yuppies

Morph down, profit up

Katherine Heigl

Bitch on set!
Hairy Beachball

True Crime

Most of the time, evil wears a suit

The Girl in the Box

The Unicorn Killer

The Eyeball Killer

Beltway Snipers


Susan Smith

‘Mad Dog’ McCafferty

A prisoner in her own castle

Rosemary and Fred West

Leopold and Loeb

Jesse Pomeroy

Cindy Collier & Shirley Wolf

Hairy Beachball

Serial Killers

Evil slipping through the cracks

Ted Bundy

John Wayne Gacy

Jeffrey Dahmer

Richard Ramirez

Gary Ridgway

H. H. Holmes

Dennis Rader

David Berkowitz

Aileen Wuornos

Edmund Kemper

Ed Gein

Leonard Lake & Charles Ng

Richard Trenton Chase

Angelo Buono

Kenneth Bianchi

Albert Fish

Carl Panzram

Ottis Toole

Danny Rolling


Hairy Beachball

Sex Crimes and Pschycos

Worst of the worst

David Parker Ray

The Toy Box Killer

Josef Fritzl

The 24 year cellar captor

Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker
Hairy Beachball


Most of the time, evil wears a suit


fraudulent emails coded to get your info

Fake Check Scams

scam artist creates counterfeit checks

Travel packages

"Free" or "low-cost" vacations can end up costing a fortune

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

The Hairy Beachball is always evoloving